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Project Description
BlogShell helps developers publishing source code to the web. It is developed in PowerShell and meshes up Windows Live Writer, BlogEngine.NET and the SyntaxHighlighter JavaScript library.


Writing a blog post consists is a three step process. First you gather the material that your blog post will be talking about. There can be pictures, screen shots, movies, source code snippets, tabular data, music, links and attachments. These artifacts need to be put inline with the actual writing. This is the second step. The third task is to publish the content to the web. BlogShell helps with the second step. The putting it together. The first release of BlogShell is all about composing blog posts that contain source code snippets. The upcoming incarnations will go beyond that and help digesting media files, tabular data like CSV files and attachments.



This video demonstrates how to install BlogShell. Just download it, unzip it into your PowerShell Modules folder and modify the profile.ps1 and PowerShell_ISE_profile.ps1 file to load the BlogShell module. Look in the setup folder of BlogShell module for the code snippet that need to be added to the profiles.

Note: The video has no sound.

BlogShell Setup Video on YouTube

HTML encoding

This video demonstrates how to HTML encode source code files with BlogShell in the PowerShell ISE.

Note: The video has no sound.

BlogShell HTML Encoding Video on YouTube

Preview as web page

This video shows how to preview your source code snippet as HTML page using SyntaxHighlighter.

Note: The video has no sound.

BlogShell HTML web page preview Video on YouTube

Open Windows Live Writer

This video demonstrates how to open a source code snippet in Windows Live Writer using the PowerShell ISE. Windows Live Writer can then publish the code snippet to your blog.

Note: This video has no sound.

BlogShell WLW launch Video on YouTube

Copy and Paste SyntaxHighlighter code snippets

This video shows how to use BlogShell to generate SyntaxHighlighter code snippets and paste them into a Windows Live Writer blog post.

Note: This video has no sound.

BlogShell WLW Copy and Paste Video on YouTube

Road map

The following user stories are part of the BlogShell road map

Source Code Theme

  1. Publish selected text as code snippet.
  2. Publish folder of files as code snippets.
  3. Add selected source code snippets incrementally to an html file.
  4. Support for Drag and Drop publishing in the PowerShell ISE

Blog API Theme

  1. Publish code snippet directly to blog using current blog API’s
  2. Generate BlogEngine.NET blog post XML file from code snippet

IDE Integration Theme

  1. Support for Visual Studio
  2. Support for PowerGUI

Content Theme

  1. Publish CSV file as html table
  2. Automatically zip source code and other files and add as attachment
  3. Insert screenshots or picture series into blog post

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